Our Services

We coach individual and team Academic Athletes in the following areas:
Achieve Academic Excellence while Becoming a Good Student!
  1. study skills
  2. curriculum planning
  3. research and engineering projects
  4. competitions
  5. science fairs
  6. recommendation letters
  7. professional etiquette
  8. resume
  9. website
  10. interview
  11. and more
Pursue Inspiration, Integrity, and Passion while Becoming a Nice Person!
  1. self-fulfillment
  2. extracurricular activities
  3. intellectual and emotional development
  4. parent and family coaching and support
  5. and more
Succeed in Academic Applications with Excellent Essays, Interviews, and General Presentation!
  1. private middle/high schools
  2. summer camps
  3. internships
  4. scholarships
  5. colleges
  6. graduate schools, law schools, business schools, medical schools
  7. and more