Our Story

Our children were Academic Athletes!

We have been there, as “science fair moms,” “AMC moms,” “chess moms,” “engineering moms,” “speech moms,” and more. 

We were there for our Academic Athletes when they competed and placed high in national competitions (ISEF, Regeneron STS, JSHS, INTEL STS, 6-time TEAMS, 7-time TSA, 3-time NAQT, 2-time NSB, NOSB, 7-time Conrad Challenge, 2-time Exploravision, eCybermission, and more). We packed for their prestigious programs and summer camps (2-time RSI, MIT Launch, YSP, NASA INSPIRE, 3-time COSMOS, The Jr Academy of NYAS, 2-time AwesomeMath, and more). And we waited by their sides for acceptance letters from colleges (2-time Stanford, 3-time MIT, 3-time UCB, 2-time UCLA, Princeton, and other top-tier Ivies). It has been a very long journey composed of ups and downs. We have supported our children, stayed up when they trained and tried, carried them when they failed and hurt, and screamed and cried with them when they reached their dreams.

Every Academic Athlete needs a coach! 

Since 2007, the parents of our children’s friends (and their friends too!) have invited us to chat and to learn about our “winning recipes.” For almost 14 years, we have offered our experiences, support, opinions, and coaching to students ranging from 3rd graders to college grads. And yes, we have worked with parents and students on extracurricular activities, individual and team competitions, resume and email writing, mock interviews, and everything else our Academic Athletes need to become the best that they can be. We have helped students complete successful applications to scholarships, private schools, colleges, medical schools, business schools, and graduate schools. In addition to a long list of elite summer camps and programs (SSP, COSMOS, YSP, SIP, Garcia, HSHSP, SSI, STEM to SHTEM, RISE, ROSS, AwesomeMath, and more), our students have been accepted to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cal Tech, JHU, Duke, NYU, USC, Williams, Wellesley, UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UIUC, and more. Our students have expressed, over and over again, that working with us helped them successfully reflect on their past journeys and become fully prepared for college.

Regarding our “winning recipes,” who are we to judge or define them? For our children, there were things that we did without knowing they would help, there were things that we would have done differently had we known, and there were things that we wish we did or didn’t do. Now that our children are all done with college applications, we will share, honestly and sincerely, the experiences that we and our children/students feel comfortable sharing. We hope that by presenting to you how we did it, and how we succeeded and failed as parents and as coaches, you can find understanding, confidence, ideas, and cautionary tales, for your own journey supporting your child’s college and academic applications. We wish you a positive and memorable experience being there for your child.

Go,  Academic Athletes!