There are only so many things you can teach a child. And finally, they are who they are!

Searching for Bobby Fischer, 1993

Catherine Mao, Ph.D., R.D.

Academic Coach

A successful application coach, Dr. Mao is a professionally trained, well-versed, and profoundly experienced counselor who has a passion for working with the youth.

Dr. Mao has coached young Academic Athletes, individuals and teams, ranging from third graders to college graduates, to achieve their peak performance in academic excellence, personal development, and competitions and applications since 2006.

Dr. Mao has been a Registered Dietitian since 1986 and has extensive experience counseling physicians, patients, and clients in both clinical settings and in her own private practice.

A highly-rated former college instructor, Dr. Mao is proficient and uniquely competent in helping her students prepare outstanding application essays and obtain extraordinary recommendation letters.

Dr. Mao has 12 years of graduate and undergraduate teaching experience at UC Berkeley and San Jose State University.

Dr. Mao has graded thousands of college-level essays and papers.

Dr. Mao has written dozens of successful recommendation letters for clinical internships, graduate schools, and medical schools.

An eminent scholar, Dr. Mao is remarkably capable of helping Academic Athletes develop the character and work ethic of genuinely good students.

Dr. Mao received her postdoctoral and graduate research training at Georgetown University Medical Center, her doctoral degree from University of Maryland, College Park, and her master’s degree from UCLA.

Dr. Mao is the recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award from the American Institute of Nutrition.

Dr. Mao received her bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University (recipient of top 5% class rank award, <3% admission rate) and graduated from Taipei First Girls High School (<5% admission rate, entrance exam perfect English and math scores).

A published scientist and a former science fair and STEM competition judge, Dr. Mao is rigorously trained and indefatigably passionate about coaching students who wish to perform competitively in individual and team STEM competitions.

Dr. Mao has co-authored and published ten research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr. Mao has successfully coached multiple winning projects for the most prestigious science fairs and competitions including ISEF, INTEL/Regeneron Talent Search, Siemens, JSHS, Conrad Challenge, Exploravision, eCybermission, Google Science Fair, and more, since 2005.

Dr. Mao has coached the team Mantis Shrimps which earned three national first and multiple national top awards in five consecutive years at the National TEAMS competitions.

A creative spirit and an exceptional writer, Dr. Mao is much appreciated by her students for her talents in helping them compose excellent application essays that portray their personal stories in the most vivid, natural, illustrative, and impressive ways.

Dr. Mao has written and published thousands of poems, proses, essays, and short stories.

Dr. Mao produced her own TV Talk Show on KTSF 26 (2006-2008) and has published numerous diet and health-related articles in various magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Mao authored and published the official Chinese version of the parenting newsletter and book series Growing Child from Birth to 72 Months.

Dr. Mao has composed music and written lyrics for more than twenty hymnal songs. One of the songs was voted the most popular Chinese hymnal song in 2009 by Radio Veritas Asia.

Dr. Mao has choreographed dozens of cultural and liturgical dances for various performances and functions. Since 2015, Dr. Mao has choreographed ethnic dances for a team of twenty dancers to perform during the annual Chinese New Year Mass celebration at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco.

A well-mannered, professional, and amiable person, Dr. Mao exemplifies and teaches critical social skills, manners, and etiquette, drawing from her professional experience as a college instructor, scientist, clinician, musician, and international cultural representative.

Dr. Mao has trained and worked in multidisciplinary professional settings, from academia to hospitals to television media.

As a young adult, Dr. Mao was selected from thousands of college students as one of the sixteen female youth ambassadors of the Youth Goodwill Mission of Taiwan ROC. Dr. Mao traveled to dozens of US college campuses and cities, representing the best of Taiwanese culture to America. In addition to being recognized as an honorary citizen of major US cities, Dr. Mao met, greeted, had dialogues with, and befriended government officials, leaders of campus communities, college presidents and administrators, neighborhood residents, and people from all walks of life in the US.

Dr. Mao is a practicing Catholic and regularly volunteers at church as a pianist.  

Dr. Mao approaches her service with warmth, integrity, dedication, and passion.


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